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Gold-Silver-Plated | Cherry (Indoor)
  • Gold-Silver-Plated | Cherry (Indoor)

    PriceFrom $319.00

    Renowned Brazilian designer Lisa Pappon's artistic vision brings forth a diverse array of fruits, beautifully crafted in a myriad of colors and textures, each one seemingly transcending its original form and gradually growing into a magnificent oversized creation.



    Medium Plus: D 12 cm | H 12.5 cm 

    Large: D 22 cm I H 21 cm

    Super Extra: D 33 cm I H 30 cm

    Sculpture: D 50 cm I H 50 cm

    Giant: D 80 cm I H 76 cm – 230 cm incl. stem



    *As all pieces are handmade and unique pieces of art, the pieces received may vary slightly in colour and design. 
    **Prices shown are in SGD.

    ***For Sculpture sizes and above, please contact us for a price request.

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