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Fibre-Resin Monochrome - Shaded | Apple (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Fibre-Resin Monochrome - Shaded | Apple (Indoor/Outdoor)

    PriceFrom $1,309.00

    The apple has expressed emotion, inspiration, and ideas since the dawn of time, and as such, this fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages. Here, the Apple sculpture is crafted from fibre resin with a bronze-cast stem and finished in a brilliant glaze to result in a delectable, eye-catching sculptural creation, a modern interpretation of nature’s most enduring fruit.



    Super Extra: D 39 cm I H 32 cm

    Super Extra Plus: D 47 cm I H 32 cm

    Sculpture: D 59 cm I H 46 cm

    Sculpture Plus: D 75 cm I H 62 cm



    *As all pieces are handmade and unique pieces of art, the pieces received may vary slightly in colour and design. 
    **Prices shown are in SGD.

    ***For Sculpture sizes and above, please contact us for a price request.

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